So, what should you expect on our yoga holidays…?

The yoga…

Although we take our yoga seriously and are very proud of our respected tradition, we also take a generally light hearted approach too in a way that we hope makes the practice effective and accessible but also fun. Our approach is very much about making the practice fit the practitioner as opposed to the practitioner fit the practice, so you can expect to encounter modifications and variations that help make the group practice more appropriate to your needs and abilities.

Our practices are varied but generally slowly dynamic in that we move in and out of postures as slow as our slowest breath before maybe remaining static but again using the breath to develop the posture… we’re not just about making shapes, the breath is an integral part of asana (posture work) and is a big part of what makes yoga so effective in stress management.

There is also ample scope for delving into the the more metaphysical and energetic aspects of yoga, working with various pranayama (meditative breathing) techniques.

On some of the holidays we also often run a series of workshops focusing upon off-mat aspects of yoga, exploring the more underlying, philosophical or historical aspects of the yoga tradition.

We’re very much aware that this is your holiday and so our morning practice is usually at a civilised 8 or 9am ahead of a hearty but healthy breakfast.

Given that these are ‘holidays’, don’t feel guilty if you find yourself wanting a lie-in one morning!
All our activities are optional, so no one will be chasing you with a yoga-stick if you’d like to snooze a little longer or skip a class to lounge poolside!

The accommodation and food…

When we first started running yoga holidays 13 years ago, we decided that we would never take people away to places that we hadn’t experienced first, so that we could be confident that the facilities were good, beds were comfortable, the environment ideal and the food amazing!

We wouldn’t take people to a place that was anything less!

Generally there are single and shared room options most with en-suite but always with a good bathroom to bedroom ratio.
So whether you’re coming with a friend or joining us solo to meet new friends, you’ll be comfortable.  In fact these holidays are great for getting to meet other like minded people – those that are into practising yoga but also enjoy a fun holiday – perfect for people travelling alone!

Food wise, (given notice) we can always accommodate specific dietary requirements.
Some of our holidays are vegetarian food only… but creative and chef prepared.
Even when it’s not veggie-only there are always veggie options.
Whichever, it’s always delicious… and there’s wine if you fancy it!


Although most people come on our holidays because they’re into yoga, some are new to it and / or are coming along with a yoga friend, there’s always something more than the yoga.
Whether it’s relaxing by the pool, going on an organised (or impromptu) hike or exploring the local colour and life or shopping, each holiday has it’s own flavour of extracurricular activity.

The people…

We always go to great lengths to ensure that the yoga and the venue is all that you’d expect it to be… but it’s always the people who come on these holidays that make it. The lively breakfasts, stories and laughter around the dinner table in the evenings are a big part of what it’s all about.

We hope you can join us :-)




We save the email contact details and details of the enquiry of all people enquiring about our yoga holidays, purely for reference. However, we never send out mailings to enquirers.

Everyone joining us for one of our yoga holidays is required to complete a health questionnaire, as a means to help us keep you safe in the classes and to qualify our professional indemnity cover, i.e. to be seen by the insurer as taking every effort to maintain your safety.

After the holiday, your health questionnaire is either deleted or destroyed, unless you are booked on to a 2ndholiday with us within the same season (as it will still be current).

If you book a holiday with us in a subsequent year, you will be required to complete a new questionnaire, for the reasons stated above.

There is a statement on the health questionnaire advising that signing the document agrees to our privacy statement, which is available clearly here on our website.


The information requested in the health questionnaire enables us to:

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·      To keep you safe and healthy and apply our techniques appropriately with full knowledge of your health situation and experience.

·      To fully understand what you are looking for from your yoga practice, so we can design our classes on the holiday appropriately


We use your contact details to:

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·      We do not send out marketing mailings to enquirers or attendees. 


We never share your personal details with 3rd party companies.

Given the nature of our activities, in case of our absence when our class is being covered by a colleague, we may on occasion need to share limited health information in order to ensure your safety in the classes.

Any dietary, allergy or food intolerance information given will be shared with the venue hosts / chefs to ensure your safety and enjoyment of the holiday.


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